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Thursday, 23 April, 202012:00PM - 1:00PMWebinar- *Registration Required
Friday, 24 April, 202012:00PM - 1:00PMTelephone Town Hall
Saturday, 25 April, 202010:00AM - 11:00AMTelephone Town Hall
Saturday, 25 April, 20207:00PM - 8:00PMWebinar: en Español - *Hay que regÍstrese aqui
Monday, 27 April, 202012:00PM - 1:00PMTelephone Town Hall: en Español
Monday, 27 April, 20208:00PM - 9:00PMWebinar- *Registration Required
Wednesday, 29 April, 202012:00PM - 1:00PMWebinar- *Registration Required


Past Webinars

Did you miss the webinars introducing the Concepts and the survey? You can watch them on video here.

Webinar #1: Two Network Concepts

Webinar #1: Dos Conceptos de Red

Current Status



Network Concepts

Spring 2020 - Summer 2020*

After evaluating the existing transit network, DART staff, municipal partners, and the consulting team have designed a pair of contrasting Network Concepts to illustrate key choices.

Transit riders, stakeholders, employers, workers, and community leaders will be consulted on how DART should make these choices. Engagement in Spring 2020 will be through online webinars, telephone town halls and a web survey. DART will conduct in-person surveys when it is safe to do so.


Draft New Bus Network

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021*

A Draft New Bus Network Plan, including transit networks at existing and higher funding levels, will be designed by DART staff, municipal partners, and the consulting team.

The Draft Plan will be shown to stakeholders and input will be gathered via multiple channels.


Final New Bus Network

Summer 2021 - Fall 2021*

Based on input from the public in Phase 2, a Final New Bus Network Plan will be created for Board consideration in Spring 2021.*

If the Board decides to adopt and implement the New Bus Network Plan, the soonest service changes would occur is January 2022.*

*All dates and events may be postponed due to the spreading of COVID-19.

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